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  • Just wanted to share my opinion about and their service, 3 days ago I contacted them after seeing one some post that they offered coding services, by that time I had nothing more than a rubbish PSD file. Within less than 24 hours they had a full framework built up for me, after additional 24 hours they already finished fixing all the small bugs within the LIVE template of my blog.

  • Note: The live website may be different or alterated from the one shown in our screenshots.

Rea Maor had redesigned his Geeks and Technology blog and needed someone to code his layout into semantically correct xhtml/css markup. Being a Geek and blogging he was aware that his readers will be using different browsers when navigating through his blog and reading his posts, his main concern was to serve his readers with one same identical layout, no matter what browser they are using.

Rea Maor presented us his the PSD design of his new blog. It was a really pleasant layout on which we knew we’d have fun working at. What made the project even more pleasant is Rea’s attitude, he came to us for coding services and he was paying attention during the interview about our ideas and how we thought to process the coding of his layout. His requests were fast, short, clean and precise and he gave us the freedom to do what we think is right so he could achieve his goals.

Within 48 hours we delivered a fully functional WordPress layout, semantically correct and easy to play with and optimized images for faster loading but keeping his current design intact as it is in the PSD.

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