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Robert Gourley is the current interactive creative director at Mojave and has previously worked as interactive creative director at Young and Rubicam San Francisco, where he helped building award-winning online experiences for brands like 7UP, AMD, Chevron, Microsoft, NCAA and Hitachi.

Robert is a returning customer of xhtmlcoding.com, our first experience with Robert was during the coding of ThisIsMojave.com. Having a returning customer of the caliber of Robert Gourley is what pleases us and reflects to our work and professionalism.

This second design that Robert presented to us for coding, was as always beautiful and pleased to work with. The platform was supposed to be build in WordPress and to act as automatic as possible and yet to keep the same elegance. Robert is a kind of customer we love to work with, he sent us PSD’s for all the pages where we needed to pay more attention and have the aligned the way he wanted, thing which made our communication much fluent and gave us the exact idea what was Robert’s goal to achieve with his portfolio built in wordpress (his portfolio is also used as blog, where many useful articles regarding marketing, design and more webmaster related topics are covered).

The WordPress design presented to us by Robert is a 3 column layout, with the content area, sidebar and portfolio showcase. In the content area we managed to write a custom code which would display the latest article of 2 of his preferred categories that would need to be highlighted, mainly content. In the sidebar it was also build a custom code to display the latest posts of all categories but excluding the portfolio category. The portfolio category is displayed in the third column as images. The images are then linked to the proper portfolio page where you can learn more about the work involved during the coding process of the design.

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