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  • Greg Hickman
  • I needed a new blog theme, something that everyone else wouldn't have because I'd rather pay for something that's unique than to settle. I got directed to xHTML Coding and my experience was fantastic. Their pricing is extremely reasonable and the turn around time was nothing short of ridiculously fast.

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Greg Hickman, the author behind Too Cool 4TV was tired of his WordPress theme and wanted to get a face lift of his blog design and distinguish from the rest of the blogs in the blogsphere. During the interview with Greg we understood that what he wanted wasn’t something out of the ordinary or fancy for his blog, but rather something elegant, simple, pleasant and with some extra features that would improve his blogging experience.

In addition of the pleasant and eye relaxing design Greg wanted some spots to highlight and promote his Photography skills with a banner on a visible place in the sidebar. In collaboration with Greg during the whole process we managed to deliver to Greg exactly what he wanted, he was pleasant and did care to hear our advice on some changes and he was so pleased with our services that he felt we deserve a blog post to express his experience with us.

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