Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is in place for your protection. It is to bridge the communication gap between us, XHTMLCODING.COM, and you, our CUSTOMER. The clauses below will outline our business practice, as well as clarify how we operate, what sort of information we collect and how we use it, and so on.

Effective Date
This privacy policy has been enacted on Monday, September 21, 2009. Thus, all provisions outlined below are in full effect beginning on that date. Please note that these policies may be revised as needed at any time for any reason at the discretion of XHTMLCODING.COM management.

The security of your information is an integral part of our operations. XHTMLCODING.COM requires that the CUSTOMER provides certain private information that may be of sensitive nature. This policy outlines the purpose for, use of, and care used when XHTMLCODING.COM deals with such data.

  • (a) When the CUSTOMER provides us with the necessary information to complete a project, such as his or her first or last name, business name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, any collected IP addresses, design files (including but not limited to PSD, icons etc), any account numbers, usernames and/or password, or any other applicable information that is intended to be kept secret, XHTMLCODING.COM will handle such data with care. This includes:
    • Not disclosing such information to any 3rd parties, unless required by law enforcement agency or appropriate legislation;
    • Not using such information for any reasons besides completing the assignment requested by the CUSTOMER;
    • Not selling, renting, trading, or in any other way distributing private data given to us by the CUSTOMER or his/her business partners.
  • More specifically, we will not distribute your email address outside of XHTMLCODING.COM staff, for any purposes besides contacting the CUSTOMER for the purposes of clarifying order details, following up with project samples, informing the CUSTOMER about the status of the order, sending the full completed work, and working out any issues that may arise in the process. We employ 100% no-spam principles at XHTMLCODING.COM for the privacy of our CUSTOMER.
  • All designs submitted to XHTMLCODING.COM are the property of the CUSTOMER. No rights for re-distribution of the design are granted to XHTMLCODING.COM unless this has been specifically said by the CUSTOMER in dated writing.
  • Any 3rd parties that may be linked to from XHTMLCODING.COM may or may not have Privacy Policies of their own; we are not responsible for the management of your private information by those 3rd party sites.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

The agreement outlined below deals with distribution of different types of datum submitted by the CUSTOMER to XHTMLCODING.COM and vice-versa. We may accommodate for a more personal NDA if you’re not satisfied with the one we offer, simply contact us if the specific provisions of this policy that are as follows don’t satisfy your business’s needs.

  • Within the scope of the job performed by XHTMLCODING.COM for the CUSTOMER, any files transferred between the two parties are to be confidential. They are to be treated as sensitive data, and will be handled with care whenever information is sent or received.
  • Design artwork will remain the property of the CUSTOMER. This means that XHTMLCODING.COM does not gain any rights to reproduce the original design artwork without expressed, written permission dated and signed by the CUSTOMER. In effect, XHTMLCODING.COM does not require such rights for any project, therefore, this would solely be based on the decision of the CUSTOMER’s sole discretion.
  • Because computer code can be easily revised at any time, XHTMLCODING.COM reserves the right to claim the coded projects’ code as its own, but not the artwork, for purposes such as portfolio display and others, at the discretion of the management of XHTMLCODING.COM.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer quality services at affordable prices. If, for reasons outlined below, you are not satisfied with the level of fulfillment that you receive, we offer specific money-back guarantees as stated below:

  • Prior to beginning work on an order, XHTMLCODING.COM requires 50% of the final payment up-front. If the project is incomplete, this will be refunded upon CUSTOMERS request or project will be terminated without any additional payment.
  • As per this agreement, the second 50% of the final payment are due within 2 days of project completion.
  • During the process of the project completion, we will provide you with encrypted versions of the code as it would look in a browser. A full refund will be issued by XHTMLCODING.COM if and only if the CUSTOMER isn’t satisfied with how the layout looks. This clause is invalid if the CUSTOMER has already been sent the final files related to the project (the source code).
  • In cases where unsatisfactory performance has been made by XHTMLCODING.COM, the CUSTOMER must allow a reasonable amount of time for XHTMLCODING.COM to process the refund.

Concerns? Questions? Comments?

The above policies are unique to XHTMLCODING.COM. For clarification on any part of our policies, or to address any concerns over the use of your private information as outlined in the Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact the management via our contact page.