xHTML CSS Coding

xHTML Coding is a new name in this business but the experience in slicing PSD layouts into strict xHTML and CSS over passes the age of the domain. And we CAN prove that with our quality slicing services.

The xHTML Coding is strict coding fanatic that provides you with quality and fast delivery PSD to XHTML/CSS slicing services. The main goal is to provide our customers with

  • Tableless coded layouts
  • strict xHTML1.0 coded layout
  • Browser compatibility (FireFox, Internet Explorer 6/7, Opera and Safari
  • Search Engine Friendly coded layout

It might confuse you the fourth goal Search Engine Friendly coded layout but let me explain myself. In collaboration with SEO Optimization we do provide you with strategic placement of your keywords and heading tags over your site. Each layout that we code is first reviewed by our partner before the delivery (hence we need 48 hours to deliver a coded layout).

Coding Services

At the early stages xHTML Coding will limit it’s services to only

  • Simple layout coding (.PSD to xHTML static pages)
  • WordPress Blog Themes (.PSd to xHTML dynamic pages)

xHTML Coding is mainly limiting it’s services to these two fields to keep the client base with a shorter delivery time and to have more time for testing and debugging the code on all major browsers.

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