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Welcome to our first Premium WordPress Theme sales. We are proud to announce you this very first premium theme we are placing for sale, Blue Glory.

About Blue Glory

Blue Glory is designed for WordPress platform and it will work only on 2.3.* (unless you remove the tags function from within the theme). Blue Glory has been developed with SEO in mind to insure you good search engine rankings and its compatible (best view) with major web browser’s including FireFox, IE6/7, Opera 9 and Safari.

The theme has also built in tags with the latest wordpress functions (this means it is not based on any plugins) and has a Widget Ready sidebar to facilitate the use by simply drag-and-drop your elements in the sidebar through the widget, instead of fixing the code.

Blue Glory MappingThe Blue Glory theme has elegant and modern look, this dark theme based on black background and dark blue elements ensure a pleasant surf and a relaxing read for the readers of your blog. It also has a customized homepage to have that feel of a news paper style, where instead of just having all your posts in the homepage you will be able to highlight to your readers your most important categories.

As you can see from the mapping image preview you will be able to expose your most important category (and its latest post) on the most visible part of your layout. That position will have impact on visitors eye and will be caught, as well as its size dominates the layout which gives the impression to the clients that there is where they should pay more attention.

Bellow that section you will notice two floating blocks. Blocks where you can expose your secondary important categories and their two latest posts. It is a great way to keep the articles exposed from different categories but yet to keep them in order and in a elegant look in this premium wordpress theme.

Purchase of Theme

The theme can be sold to you in two different ways. One is on a limited number of slots (10) which means that is going to be the number of blogs that will have a similar theme as yours. Purchasing the theme and allowing other 9 people to have the same theme as yours is more cost effective, the theme costs only $45 USD but it will not be only and exclusively for you.

The other option to buy this theme is buying it as unique and with full rights for only $550 USD. Purchasing the theme with exclusive rights assures you to remain unique with your blog and that no one else will have a theme that looks like you. It does also give you the rights to do whatever you wish with your theme, sell it, modify it or even release it for free download. To purchase the theme as unique you may contact us via the contact form and only if you see the Slots for sale number 10. If the number of slots for sale is 9 this theme will no longer have the BUY UNIQUE link under the preview image and it will not be sold as unique but the sale will continue on slots.

IMPORTANT: When purchasing the theme you MUST include URL of your blog where the theme will be used. Purchases without providing their blog URL will be refunded and not provided with the needed files.


With the sale of this theme is included support during the installation and the use of theme such as: helping you with the editing the categories to display, helping you with the RSS subscription form and with other minor changes, but does not include heavy modifications of the theme.

Terms of Use

The purchase of this theme gives you the freedom to use this theme in one site only (the one mentioned during the purchase), modify it for your own needs and change it the way you want. What the sale of the theme does not allow you is:

  • Use the theme on two of your blogs
  • The redistribution (or sharing) of the theme as free or paid
  • Removing the footer link and/or claiming the design and coding of the theme as your own
  • Listing this theme and its design in your own portfolio

The obtain the above access you need to purchase this theme as unique for the full price of $550 (excluded the permission for: claiming as your own design and listing it in your own portfolio).

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