New Design for

It’s been more then a year that we kept the old design and we felt it was time to give our site a new face lift with a more clear design and make it more easier to navigate, do not get me wrong, the old design wasn’t that bad it just was..too regular.

First of all I would like to thank our sponsor WPWebHost for supporting us and with their excellent hosting services and was always there when we needed their support during the tests we were making with our site and loading over and over our site on their server while we were coding out the new design.

Special Web Hosting Discount from Our Sponsors

To celebrate our new design we decided to create a special discount with our web hosting sponsors at WPWebHost for customers and readers of Don’t waste your time, this coupon code will end on 31/12/2009

WPWebHost Coupon Code: XHTMLCODING09 – Get 30% (one time) discount by applying this coupon on the checkout. (hint: the longer the period the bigger the savings, if you purchase the Freedom plan for 2 years who’s actual cost is $120 with our coupon you will pay only $84 USD for two years)

Whats new in our site

First of all we have revamped the homepage of xHTML Coding and better highlighting our services. We have also added a preview of our portfolio in the homepage while on the new design the coding portfolio could be reached only on the inner page.

We have also created two separated pages to better describe our services, one is the PSD to HTML page where you can learn more on our coding services and guarantees. And then the PSD to WordPress coding services with all details and guarantees.

We have also a new privacy policy page created from where you can learn more about our NDA and money back guarantee.

More time for tutorials

We are in progress of selecting new staff to provide you with coding tutorials and teach you a easier way how to code your layout into semantically correct markup and keep it cross browser compatible. If you want to apply as a writer or would want to guest blog with your tutorial please contact us for more information’s.

Special thanks to our sponsor

We at would like to thank once again our sponsor WPWebHost for their great job. We still have some things to adjust/add to our site (perhaps bugs we are not aware of, so please if you find one contact us and let us know). If you want to keep up to date with all the news (new portfolio, company news or from our tutorials) subscribe to our RSS feed.

Thank you.

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