Coding Service

Need your layout design pixel perfectly coded as in your design?

With our PSD to HTML conversion services we will ensure that the coded layout looks exactly the same as in your design, that your project will be timely delivered and we will make countless modifications to your layout before delivering it until we won’t satisfy all your needs with our xHTML / CSS code.

Benefits from our xHTML Coding services

  • PSD Design to HTML conversions with semantic coding and W3C standards abidance
  • Cross-browser congruity coding mark-up
  • Timely complete project turnaround
  • Economical benefits (hire a whole team of coders for the price of one coder)
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase number and speed of orders

Website Design Firms

Your web design company has 10 or more PSD designs that need to be coded? Save money on hiring staff in your payroll, instead hire a whole team of professional coders that understand xHTML mark-up that will ensure your layouts will meet all W3C standards, make sure that the coded layout will look exactly as in the PSD design that your client loved.

How does it work?
This package is specially designed for website design firms and freelancers that have 10 or more PSD designs that need to be coded every month. With a flat monthly rate of $600 your company will be covered with 10 PSD to HTML coding projects. See the benefits bellow

  • No custom quotes. Lock prices at $60 per layout even for more complex designs
  • No worries solving mark-up issues like overcoming IE peculiarities
  • Increase productivity, more time for promotions, new designs and increase of your clientele


  • To obtain these benefits bye the company / freelancer is required subscription payment (no subscription is required for the first month).
  • Each PSD design may have only 2 pages (homepage & subpage). For any additional pages you will be charged $10 per page.
  • Only 10 PSD design can be coded into HTML per month. Any additional PSD will be custom quoted. You can however contact us to make a deal for bigger package.