Affiliate Program

Do you own a Photoshop tutorial website, or a web master related forum but you don’t know how to monetize your website to maintain the hosting bills or even to make some real good money online? Signup with our affiliate program and earn 20% of commissions on all sales you will generate through your affiliate URL.

With our affiliate program you can earn up to $28 USD per sale, and generate even $280 USD monthly if you manage to refer 10 clients a month to xHTML Coding and they convert into paid customers.

Why our affiliate program works best

Signing up with our affiliate program you will receive 20% of all purchases through our website. To incentive referral to sign up for our affiliate program you can even give your customers discounts if they signup through your affiliate link. For example you earn 20% of commission and you want to give a discount of 5% to your readers (if you run a blog) or visitors of your website. Giving 5% of your 20% it still earns you 15% of all sales and yet your visitors will get discounts thanks you to.

Terms of Use

Your affiliate URL may not be used on:

  • Spam emails and sending the link to users that have not personally subscribed in your newsletter
  • You are not allowed to spam around the web (includes, commenting on other forums or blogs with your affiliate URL)

The affiliate does not include sales of Premium WordPress Theme sales sold with owned license, but it does include sales of theme as leased license.

Affiliate Payout

The payout of your 20% earning commissions will result eligible for payment ONLY 15 days after approval of the sale. And the payout will be made every 1st of the coming month. For example, if you generate a sale before 15th of this month and by passing 15 days you are still within the same month, you will be eligible for receiving payment on the 1st of the coming month. While if you generate a sale on 16th of this month, you will not be eligible for payment within the coming month, but rather on the next one.

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